October 12, 2017

Where we work

Afrangua, Ghana, West Africa


Information & Communication Technology Computer Center

Computer literacy program where we offer tuition-free computer classes to the primary and junior high students each Thursday and Friday mornings.  Each class, from 1st Grade to 9th Grade, receive an hour hands-on lesson and practical weekly to acquire serious working knowledge of technology.  Over 3/4 of the students NEVER saw a computer before our arrival in 2012.  But today, our students can setup a desktop totally alone, perform 1st level troubleshooting skills and create beautiful documents.

Information Technology (IT) skills are required in secondary school but these students did not have the computers to practice on.  1.4% of schools within Ghana have physical computer for their students unlike in the developed world.  It not fair and this is where we are here to help.  Afrangua has 140 wonderful, smart and create students that pass thru our classroom each week since 2012.

And we shall continue offering classes as long as students are willing to learn.  Computers are very important in society today, whether in the USA, Europe or Africa.  They should have the same knowledge as their counterparts.  We are here to make that happen! 🙂

Nursery Program

Nursery Program where we teach 30 toddlers their alphabets, numbers and other fun pre-kindergarten lessons we can provide. This program was created because of one little toddler called Blessing!  She was crying one morning with all her heart because she could not attend the primary school with her siblings.  In Ghana, the nursery teachers are paid directly by the parents, not by the Ministry of Education.  So in Afrangua the parents decided that they could not afford to cover the expense.  Through Blessings’ tears the Nursery Program was born!

The Nursery Teacher – and a teaching assistant- were added to our budget and started giving classes a month later.  Every child should receive an education when the deserve is so serious.  Our toddlers will arrive at the primary school well verse on their lessons and shall pass through kindergarten with flying colors. We are very proud of each students as they arrive at school every week day with their uniforms and thinking caps on. These wonderful, smart and create students have pass thru our classroom each weekday since 2013.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Information Technology Computer Center

An after-school computer literacy program will open in the first quarter of 2018.  We are very excited to establish our 2nd computer center in Las Vegas, Nevada in the Spring Valley area.  The perfect location will house 25 computers (potentially laptops), 2 printers, a whiteboard and numerous test devices, such as tablets, cameras or ipod for the future students to enjoy.

The students will learn from 4pm to 7pm, Monday to Friday, how to utilize pc more efficiently, excel at typing at least 50 wpm, create professional documents with various software applications including the MS Office Suite, write specialize programs with C, C+ and Scratch and lastly how to troubleshoot hardware problems.