September 2, 2014

Nursery Program (Ghana)

Afrangua is located in the Central Region of Ghana, West Africa, very close to the city of Mankessim in the Abura/Asebu/Kwamankese District.  The very rural, farming village has a population of 1,000 adults and children.  The family main source of income is from farming plantains, cassava, pineapples and other small vegetables that are sold in the Mankessim Market.

We have established a Nursery Program where we teach 30 toddlers their alphabets, numbers and other fun pre-kindergarten lessons we can provide. This program was created because of one little toddler called Blessing!  She was crying one morning with all her heart because she could not attend the primary school with her siblings.  In Ghana, the nursery teachers are paid directly by the parents, not by the Ministry of Education.  So in Afrangua the parents decided that they could not afford to cover the expense.  Through Blessings’ tears the Nursery Program was born!

The Nursery Teacher – and a teaching assistant- were added to our budget and started giving classes a month later.  Every child should receive an education when the deserve is so serious.  Our toddlers will arrive at the primary school well verse on their lessons and shall pass through kindergarten with flying colors. We are very proud of each students as they arrive at school every week day with their uniforms and thinking caps on. These wonderful, smart and create students have pass thru our classroom each weekday since 2013.

And they will continue to have Nursery classes until my passing day…

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