August 21, 2013

About us


Created in 2012 by Mrs. Destiny E. Ansah, the Excellence Computer Technology Center invests in bridging the digital gap one student at a time, domestic and abroad.

Mission Statement:

Provide an efficient, helpful, and easily-accessible center for Information & Communication Technology (ICT) classes that will increase the educational level of the local primary and junior high students domestic and international.

Vision Statement:

One day, all children in various nations will have the opportunity to attain an excellent ICT education.


1.) Work with the local communities to minimize the technology and digital gap for both the parents and students.

2.) Create a curriculum that will teach the children in the most efficient and effective manner under the guidance of the Ministry of Education and local school districts.

3.) Ensure the students are able to pass the Basic School Certification Examination – Information and Communication Technology section.


1.) Organize classes with the local schools’ current daily program ensuring each student will have a class at ECTC at least once a week but hopefully more.

2.) Offer tuition free computer technology education lessons including keyboarding and software applications to over 500 students per week.

3.) Host at least four fundraising events per year to raise the necessary monies for yearly expenses and sustainability.